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The Present Players…waiting on two more:

FuzzWeigh-insmall-1.jpg picture by rypdal95

Not really a shootout yet; more of just a weigh-in. Or you know, like in movies how before the shootout scene, the two groups always have to meet a couple times first. Tough talk each other a bit, say things like ‘I’m your huckleberry’, show their guns to each other, and then inexplicably walk away without resolving anything. Usually the ‘level-headed’ one says something like, ‘They’re not worth it’ (seriously, if I here that one more time in a movie), or something much more convincing like, ‘Come on, let’s go’ (that one too), or just the move where the best friend goes up to the main character and kind of buries his shoulder into the guy’s chest and lays his head on his shoulder, pushing him backwards with his hands kind of on the hero’s hips. Ya, it’s awkward. But count the number of times you see it in a movie.

So anyway, it’s just a weigh-in; and I didn’t film it yet…I want to wait until all the fuzzes are in. The Lovepedal Karl is finished next week, and the BJFE Candy Apple Fuzz won’t be in until probably mid-November. So since these four were in, I just couldn’t wait…I had to do a little mini-shootout.

From right to left in the above picture is a Monsterpiece Three Headed Fuzz (3 pedals in one–NPN silicon, AD2000 silicon, PNP germanium & silicon…homemade by a guy on the harmony central forums…killer pedals), Axis Research Fuzz Faze (germanium…handmade, made to order Canadian pedal), Hartman Vintage Germanium Fuzz (germanium, obviously…brand new boutique company getting a lot of props), and one of my first pedals, some homemade clone germanium Fuzz Face I got off of e-bay years ago that I have yet to find something that sounded better. So we’ll see after the shootout.

And thus far, they all sound fantastic. And yes…I did turn them all on at once. It might have been the single, greatest thing I have ever done. Not the greatest thing I have ever heard, because it really didn’t sound all that great. But that’s beside the point. The point is that 6 fuzz pedals were just on at the same time. All feeding into each other. Stacked. I don’t know if I can be much clearer. At times such as those, sound is of no consequence. Only pedals.

So the fuzz shootout is coming soon! We just gotta have a few more tough talk sessions, flashing of the guns, and awkward men hugging each other away from fights, and then we’re off. Video and all. Well, actually I just need my Lovepedal and BJFE to be finished being built. But it sounded cooler the other way.

ValKilmerTombstone.jpg picture by rypdal95
(Sorry. You just absolutely can’t talk about shootouts and ‘I’m your huckleberry’ without a picture of Val as Doc Holliday. Another¬†big boy¬†crush…and remember! ‘Big boy crush’ means you want to ‘be them’…rather than ‘be with them.’ Very important to point that out.)



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